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Absolutely. Butter freezes perfectly because of its high fat content, and does not degrade in quality. You can store your butter this way for around a year.

Pro tip: portion your Sublime in advance of freezing for easy access to your butter without a looming use by date.

Generally speaking, 10 weeks is the official duration. That said, butter is a phenomenal preservative and keeps a lot longer than the use-by date would suggest.

Absolutely. The more the merrier. None of our butters contain wheat products, so if you suffer from coeliac disease, you're safe with Sublime.

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Introducing the Inaugural Sublime Butter Club!

Introducing the Inaugural Sublime Butter Club!

In partnership with our good friends at Mortimer House, we are delighted to invite you to our very first Sublime Butter Club. We're conscious that there is no real precedent for such a thing, so as ever, we're determined to set the bar exceptionally high. 
Sublime Butter — Now at Whole Foods Market!
Coming Soon

Sublime Butter — Now at Whole Foods Market!

We're delighted to announce that you'll now be able to find Sublime in your local Whole Foods Market. As of September, a select range of our butters will be occupying shelves at all seven Whole Foods stores.
The "XO" Receives Two Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2023
Great Taste Awards

The "XO" Receives Two Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2023

The XO has resonated with the judges at the Great Taste Awards this year. And we've got it on good authority that they know what they're talking about. 

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