Introducing: Sublime Roasting Fat

Every so often, when the winds change, or when enough food lovers pray desperately to the butter gods, we're known to release a new flavour. Take No. 8, for example. With its warm introduction last year, both the everyman and official taste testers agree, a blessing was placed on the world of food with its zesty freshness, smokey complexity, and surprising but delightful kick

So, it is with our greatest pleasure that we can officially announce that something wicked this way comes. Not another flavour, no. But another intoxicating category altogether. 

As you'll probably know, as someone reading the secretive press blog of a cult butter brand, our products are all about mouthwatering flavours as well as unparalleled convenience. Show us a bowl of just-cooked casarecce, and we'll show you a Sublime opportunity. Well, this "new category" of ours, you'll be pleased to discover, fully embodies this mentality too. Only this time, specifically, things are about to get hot. 

Enough foreplay. Introducing Sublime Roasting Fats. That's right, you can now blissfully confit your roast potatoes, veg, pork chops, eggs, bread — you name it — to sweet, crisp, aromatic perfection. No effort required. No know-how needed. Just spoon generously over the roastee and let your oven, barbecue, skillet or air fryer do the rest. 

To whet the whistle, our first Sublime Roasting Fat will feature the following ingredients in our signature all-natural, all-fresh, all-delicious style:

  • Goose Fat
  • Beef Fat
  • Sublime No. 1
  • Confit Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Pink Peppercorns
  • Bay Leaf
  • Pink Himalayan Salt

Believe it or not, our chef, Tony, has already tested the waters of this creation with the good folks over at the Great Taste Awards. Even in its primordial, experimental phase, it secured a most respectable one star. 

That's probably because of fat's incredible ability to carry flavour; the benefit of the garlic cooking slowly and becoming confit, providing sweetness, a subtle tang, not to mention an amazing aroma. Well, in the coming months, you'll get the chance to try its more sophisticated, more refined, more delectable cousin for yourself. Nothing more as yet, sadly. Just this little tidbit. But trust us: it'll be SO worth the wait. 

Got any ideas for other Sublime Roasting Fats? Reach out on Twitter @sublimebutter.


Team Sublime

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