The XO Receives Two Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2023

Those of you with keen eyes and expectant tastebuds will already know about The "XO" — or Ridiculous No. 88 — based on our previous post on the subject. Featuring Jinhua dry-aged ham and Hokkaido scallops as the star ingredients, this butter is designed to pack a serious umami punch. 

We're delighted to announce that this unique concept has resonated with the judges at the Great Taste Awards this year. And we've got it on good authority that they know what they're talking about. 

"There's a fantastic umami savour to this butter, with the different elements clearly discernible, each delivering pleasures of their own on the palate. We could immediately see a wide rage of uses for it, especially pairing with fish. An imaginative product." Said one esteemed judging panel. 

Another panel said, "The umami flavours and textures are perfectly balanced in this original and well-conceived flavoured butter. It really is outstanding and inventive and the judges feel that it could be used in so many ways. A delightful surprise."

Thanks very much, folks. All in all, The "XO's" positivity and excellent reception was worthy of a whopping Two Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2023. That's an accolade awarded to fewer than 10% of entries. This pretty much gets us a clean sweep for our product range to date, including our latest up-and-comer, Sublime Roasting Fat, the early prototype for which landed a Star of its very own. When talking about the Roasting Fat, judges stated, "The warmth of flavour that the mix of fats gives is lovely. The gentle herbaceousness from the herbs and the savoury edge from the garlic is delicious. There's lovely length to the flavour to this fat and the flavour balance is well judged." 

But we digress. You'll be able to pre-order The "XO" very soon, and order Sublime Roasting Fat in earnest. We can't wait to offer more info when we have it, but rest assured: it'll be worth the wait. FYI, The "XO" will be on sale for £88, inclusive of a famously Ridiculous butter dish, and the Roasting Fat will be on sale for £11.

Eat well, 


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