If, like us, you know and adore your food, we'd love if you'd reach out to us about joining our growing team. 

We're a forward-thinking company, and we're not just saying that. You choose your hours, your holiday and your location — just so long as the job's done well and on time. Plus, there's plenty of butter to be had. 

Current Roles:

Sublime Account Manager


As Sublime’s Account Manager, your role will consist of two distinct areas: Sales and Reporting. In the Sales side of your role, you’ll be responsible for seeking, nurturing and converting new leads for the Sublime Butter brand. Focusing on independent farm shops, delis, butchers and fishmongers (in particular), a typical day will involve the administration of your leads (e.g. research, striking up initial conversations, logging progress), visiting leads in person or having phonecalls / Zoom meetings where you’ll be talking about Sublime Butter and gauging their appetite to stock us, and converting those leads. As time goes on, you’ll also spend time checking in with your existing customers, ensuring their satisfaction, and implementing ideas and strategies to increase order size and frequency. 

The Reporting side of your role will help us to shape and define what it means to be a Sublime Account Manager. You’ll be expected to keep track of the sales strategies that work, as well as the ones that don’t. We’d also like to know from you the ins and outs of your experience with the role itself. We’re interested in everything from your satisfaction, aspects that may be unclear or that may need development, to things that just don’t work. In this aspect of the role, we’re relying on you to be candid, direct and open-minded. You’ll chat informally with members of the Sublime management team in order to log this feedback, as well as implement developments and solutions that will address your feedback. 

  • Researching your local area to find and qualify stockists
  • Reaching out to prospective stockists by email and phone to arrange sales conversations
  • Talking confidently about Sublime’s products, ethics, and logistics
  • Demonstrating credibility and reassurance in a sales environment, e.g. with butchers, farm shop owners, and wholesalers
  • Converting new sales and providing ongoing support to existing customers
  • Managing sales data, tracking success, and staying on top of your numbers
  • Liaising with the Sublime leadership team to provide feedback and seek assistance and input where needed
  • Reflecting and analysing the role of Sales Representative in order to optimise and streamline the role for a wider rollout later in 2023, i.e. what’s working, what’s not working, and what additions might make the role better that we haven’t thought of yet

In return for your time and dedication, we’re pleased to offer the UK living wage as a base salary, enhanced by generous commission for each sale. There’s no cap on the amount of commission you can earn, and you’ll earn it not only for new sales but recurring sales as well. Additionally, due to the nature of this role, there’s enormous room for growth. When new reps start joining the business, you’ll be given the opportunity to onboard them — including regular tasting sessions, for which you’ll be compensated. 

Reasonable travel expenses will be covered, and you’ll be entitled to as much Sublime Butter as you can eat. 

To apply for this role, please email louis@sublimebutter.com with your CV as well as a cover note that explains why you’d be a good fit. 

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