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Here's the thing:

To be Sublime, you have to do things differently

Which is why we only use dairy from grass-fed, British cattle. It's also why our butterfat runs so high, for the creamy, unctuousness you want from butter. Lastly, it's why we never use any fillers, stabilisers or artificial flavourings.


What's the upshot?

Maximum flavour

Principles aside, amazing quality makes for an amazing ingredient — however you choose to use it. Take this Poached Cod for example. Our Béarnaise just makes the whole dish sing.

We Reckon Maybe

That's why we've got so many awards

Not to toot our own trumpet or anything, but we're proud to have a clean sweep at the Great Taste Awards. That, plus we were the recipients of the revered Golden Fork for London — for our No. 55 Lobster Butter.

Speaking of Which...

Our ridiculous range is something else

Every year, we take the Sublime to the Ridiculous with an ultra-limited, highly sought-after one-off butter. Think Hokkaido Scallops; think Barbary Duck; Grand Marnier; who knows where it'll take us?

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