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Our butter freezes perfectly because of its high fat content, and does not degrade in quality. You can store your butter this way for around a year.

Pro tip: portion your Sublime in advance of freezing for easy access to your butter without a looming use by date.

That's right. No more waiting for hours for your chilled butter to become spreadable. Because our butter contains delicious quantities of butterfat, and just the right amount of salt, it is its own preservative. As such, it'll keep just fine on your kitchen counter for ages, ready to be spread, portioned, and adorned to your heart's content.

The more the merrier. None of our butters contain wheat products, so if you suffer from coeliac disease, you're safe with Sublime.

You'll find no sulphites, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives in any of our products either.


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Sublime's delectable dishes are deliciously easy to make, but that doesn't mean you won't learn a thing or two while you make them.

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Satisfaction comes in sixes

Order six butters for 10% off, every time.

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