No. 100 — Barbary Duck, Morello Cherry & 100-Year-Old Grand Marnier

No. 100 — Barbary Duck, Morello Cherry & 100-Year-Old Grand Marnier

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Keeps in the fridge for about 10 weeks | Freezes for up to one year

This all-new flavour is now available for the next batch of pre-orders! Order today to receive yours for the next round of production. 

Every Ridiculous butter we make is special. By this point, we'd like to think that goes without saying. But No. 100... well, it's in an entirely different universe.

Woven generously with shredded Barbary duck breast smoked in peaty Lagavulin 16-year whisky, each bite of No. 100 offers the most unctuous, savoury experience — akin to the most beautiful terrine, but condensed into a concentrated explosion of flavour. To slice through all of that richness, we include duck's most unsung ally: Morello cherry — for sharpness, and notes of berry, almond and gentle smoke. 

The crown on No. 100 — and its namesake — is our hand-selected 100-year-old Grand Marnier Centenaire. This special ingredient — which might remind you of orange or bergamot — contributes the bitterness required to transcend this Ridiculous butter to heights you'll never have witnessed before. 

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