No. 11 — Lemon, Dill & Caper

No. 11 — Lemon, Dill & Caper

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Keeps in the fridge for about 10 weeks | Freezes for up to one year

This all-new flavour is now available for the next batch of pre-orders! Order today to receive yours for the next round of production. 

Salinity's most beautiful bedfellow

No. 11 may sound like it boasts a traditional flavour profile; on paper, perhaps that is true. But in practice, it is nothing short of a modern innovation. The prevailing flavours are single-handedly citric, sour, and mellow, which very much makes the world your oyster. Proverbially. 

For of course: these notes, together with seafood, are destined to be: picture your favourite Dover sole, or Dungeness crab rested effortlessly with No. 11's punchy but nuanced attributes. Delectable doesn't quite cut it. 

But furthermore, anywhere that salinity reigns — not just of the sea, but of pastures and meadows — No. 11 exists with purpose. Belly pork, for instance can be lifted profoundly with such a sweet-sour lift. It is something to experiment with, like your preferred seasoning; something classical, out of which may arise something new. 

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