No. 8 — Red Chilli, Smoked Salt & Lime
No. 8 — Red Chilli, Smoked Salt & Lime

No. 8 — Red Chilli, Smoked Salt & Lime

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Size:Single Roll
Keeps in the fridge for about 10 weeks | Freezes for up to one year
The Sacred Quartet

Salt, fat, acid and heat are the universal enhancers of all things flavourful. Fortunately, Sublime's No. 8 — an instant classic — beckons in these qualities with ease and grace.

Primeval. Vibrant. Compulsory.

Piquant, warming and perfectly seasoned, this butter — which features red chillies and lime — has a wide range of applications, and can lend itself with aplomb to any dish you can think of. As a bonus, a meaningful anointment of smoked salt adds a primeval umami quality that is both subtle and mandatory, like arriving fashionably late to a high society dinner party.


Allergy advice: Allergens are shown in bold.

Unsalted butter 85.1% (contains milk), lime juice 6.4%, red chilli 4.3%, smoked paprika, garlic, smoked salt 1%, pink Himalayan salt


Typical values per 100g

  • Energy — 2553kJ/611kcal
  • Fat — 69.5g (of which saturates 42.9g)
  • Carbohydrate — 0.3g (of which sugars 0.2g)
  • Protein — 0.6g
  • Salt — 2.0g

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